Born from a vibrant and artistic family tradition of art and design.The Story Began 1953, when young Torsten Orrling father of Håkan started his journeyman hiking around Europe and refined his skills in the art form jewelry design. This became the foundation of Orrlings relationship with this fabled art.Influenced by the many stories about G Åberg my Fathers grandmother's brother.His life in a seething cosmopolitan and metropolitan Paris with Léon Bonnat and Carl Larsson, all in search of the artistic freedom and the dynamic, cultural environment that was offered in the Montmartre heights. After a theater performance, Åberg falls ill and dies of pulmonary tuberculosis aged only 25. His legacy has flowed on through the bloodlines to the present day.


Håkan Orrling studied Art & Design in Copenhagen. His technical skills and craftsmanship came naturally,allowing him to explore the concept of jewellery as an art form. Using sculptures as a reference point, Orrling discovered that jewellery could be treated equally as an object of art.


More than merely a decoration; they are a piece of art sculptured to provoke thoughts and emotions.Orrling's ambition through his jewellery is to cultivate and create a bolder jewelry culture in a stereotypical landscape. Artfully designed and meticulously handcrafted,jewellery that unleashes their hidden true self and speaks to the soul. Bringing to life exquisite one-of jewels that incorporate the best materials, hand selected gems 


"My vision can sometimes be difficult to define. But you can easily say it’s not all about

Colour and shape as many may believe. Therefore, the concrete vision is just as vague as a future imaginary

Work of art you don’t know your about to create. Instead I usually set a framework for what I do not want to land, I find 

Surfaces I can take bar against, and then at the same time I start from different and for us important values that I can lean on”


Håkan Orrling