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The Story Began 1953, when young Torsten Orrling father of Håkan Orrling tried his wings and started his journeyman Hiking around Europe and refined his skills in the art form jewelry design. This became the foundation of my relationship with this extremely exciting and magical job. Right out of the art & design School in Copenhagen I started sketching the framework for an art project called ”artmetall”. The work for me at the design school was mostly about finding a home in my mind and exploring the borderland in the framework of what the difference is between a piece of jewelry and a sculpture that is to be regarded as a work of art.The outcome of that exploratory expedition is and was communication! After a number of exhibitions at a young age,I got to experience the power of an object communication and the magic of the silent language that arises between viewers and objects.An obsession with creating a limitless language and speaking in silence through objects evoked the need to create jewelry that conveys and contributes with something more than being a superficial decoration.There is also a mystery in the history of jewelry worn over generations and the value that is created over time. A worth that goes far beyond the actual monetary value. As a tie between decadence and awareness, our collections speaks to those who dare to stand out with designs and are willing to reintroduce Jewellery that unleashes their hidden true self and speaks to the soul.Aware that jewelry played a crucial role in the human transformation from animal to fellow human,it also makes the decoration a symbol of the first thought beyond just the fact of survival. Our ambition seeks to cultivate a better world with room & respect for the reflection.